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“My department was a mix of people who’d been there for many years and a bunch of new hires. And they weren’t working all. I was desperate to get them to get on the same page and work as a team...and no power point was going to do that.

After four sessions with Holly, we had created a new working culture between us and are truly a team now. It was fast and furious.”


                       - Nick, MTV Strategic Research

improvisation + emergence



  + emergence



collective creativity

effective storytelling

high-level communication

innovations & solutions greater than the sum of

their parts

You can tell your employees why innovation is vital.

That storytelling is key to connecting and communicating.

You know that there could be deeper trust, stronger teamwork &

more freed-up thinking.

But how can you foster that happening?

That’s where we come in. By using improvisational techniques rooted in collective intelligence, adaptive processing, and spontaneous creativity we don’t only tell you how...

...we show you how.

And yes, it’s fun. But it has nothing to do with being funny.




Holly Mandel

CEO, founder

Executive Director of Improvolution

Company Member of

The Groundlings

why this process is

uniquely effective

  1. it’s experiential - no power point, no workbook. you get it because you do it

• it can be tailored to address specific needs

  1. it works at both the individual & the collective levels at the same time

  2. did we mention it’s fun? well, we ought to because it is...and that’s part of the secret to why is works as well as it does


For the individuals

• confidence in speaking & sharing ideas

• strengthen the ability to think on one’s feet

  1. listen without an agenda

For the team

• the creative power of “yes, and”

  1. trust and camaraderie – building a stronger foundation & effective work culture

  2. tools for innovative collaboration & ideation


we help you ideate.

how do you get people to think in new ways, access unexplored territory,

take risks needed to go beyond where they have gone before?

we help you innovate.

how do you get a group to work together, to use the collective consciousness between them to go in new directions, to trust one another enough to let go

of what they think they already know in order to discover what they do not?

we help create emergence.

how do you create the ideal conditions which allow for arising of something new, something that is beyond “the sum of its parts”? how do you foster group dynamics which support a fearless letting go of old ideals which catalyzes a form of creative intelligence to take hold?